Welcome to Neighbor Day

Welcome to the official website for Neighbor Day; a day to celebrate neighbors! This is an important holiday in which many people have already been participating and celebrating - some without even knowing it. Please join in as we have fun and spread the news about Neighbor Day.

Official Rules

  • Neighbor Day is a special day to be held in honor and celebration of our local neighborhood acquaintances as well as further reaching neighbors that share this world in which we live.
  • Neighbor Day is to be held once a year on October 31st.
  • The official colors of Neighbor Day are Dark Blue, Yellow, and Orange. However any colors relating to Autumn or even bright and cheerful colors can be part of the decorations and celebration.
  • During the season of Neighbor Day, individuals are to greet one another by stating in a friendly manner, "Happy Neighbor Day!" To which the receiving individual may either express appreciation or return the greeting.
  • On October 31st children (and adults) dress up in friendly, cheerful, and outlandish costumes that have either been created from house-hold materials or purchased at the local department store.
  • The celebration of Neighbor Day begins in each local neighborhood around 1pm in the afternoon and ends at dusk. Children and adults who have dressed up in costume are to visit local neighbors, especially those that they have not recently visited (or have managed to offend during the previous months), and knock on their door. When openned, the persons in costume are to exclaim the official Neighbor Day greeting and present a small gift as a token of friendship. Gifts may include a card, candy, cupons, fresh fruit, ballons, flowers, etc.
  • The recipient of the gift should express appreciation and may, if they so choose, return the favor by offering a small gift or token to their visitors. This returned gift is not mandatory (but would most likely be appreciated - especially by the younger visitors).
  • Costumes worn on Neighbor Day or worn during the season of Neighbor Day must be non-threatening, non-sinister, non-gruesome, non-risque, non-toxic, and non-flammable.
  • The season of Neighbor Day begins October 1st and ends within 1 week after October 31st.
  • Decorations can be displayed during the Neighbor Day season in your house, yard, office, school-room, etc. Decorations are to be freindly in nature and non-threatening. It is considered bad manners to begin the display of Neighbor Day decorations prior to the official start of the season or after the official end of the season.
  • The official definition of 'Neighbor' used in defining the term 'Neighbor Day' is to be taken from Luke chapter 10 verse 29-37 of the New King James version of the Holy Bible.

Tell Us YOUR Story

Please email us stories about your Neighbor Day experience. What costume are you going to wear this year? What was your most creative Neighbor Day decoration? How many people did you have to explain the holiday to before you finally took the 'Neighbor Day' button off so that people would stop asking.

Buttons and Stickers

If you or your organization are interested in purchasing Neighbor Day buttons and/or stickers to distribute in your local area, please send us a request via email. Our primary goal is to get the word out, so we keep our prices low for large quantites.


Would you or your organization like to help sponsor Neighbor Day promotional materials? If you would like to donate funds or resources to help distribute materials and get the word out to neighbors everywhere, please email us with your contact information.


Neighbor Day decorations and signs, or any materials appearing to be products of or relating to The Official Neighbor Day may not be sold or distributed without written permission from TheOfficialNeighborDay.com. This legality is to help prevent inappropriate use of or inacurate representation of The Official Neighbor Day. Please contact us for permissions to publish Neighbor Day materials by sending a detailed explaination of your request to info@TheOfficialNeighborDay.com.

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." - Leviticus 19:18